Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco vacation

While we stayed in Nice, we took several day trips to other coastal towns.  One of those trips was to Monaco.  The infamous city known for its race cars and luxury was not too be missed.  It is everything you expect, opulence at its finest.  What I didn't expect was how hot it was!  It was scorching but this off the shoulder floral piece from Forever XXI was my saving grace.  The material was soft and not clingy and allowed me to stay cool as we walked around.  With all the walking we did, I am so happy that I purchased these white sandals from Aerosoles before we left.  They kept me afloat all day.

We only spent one day there but we walked around so much that we really got to see a great number of sites.  As soon as you get off the train, you can walk up the hill and see the harbor with all the amazing yachts.  It is truly a site to see.  We walked along the coast and came to the Monte Carlo Casino.  We are not gamblers so we only went into the lobby but just imagined all the famous celebrities that must have dealt their luck at those tables.  We headed over to the old town and also found the Prince's Palace as well as other stunning views of the town.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time there and looking forward to going back again sometime.

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Monte Carlo, Monaco vacation floral dress forever xxi

Monte Carlo vacation itinerary

marternity pictures with off the shoulder floral dress

Prince's palace in monte carlo monaco

Monte carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco things to do in monaco

things to do in Monaco

things to do in monaco

best views in monte carlo monaco

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Style Theory in Nice, France

South of France vacation

So time is counting down and our little one will be here in a few months.  We are so excited and can't wait.  But before the late night feedings and diaper changes, we decided to take a baby moon to France.  This actually was the longest vacation we have taken together.  Our work schedules never really permitted anything long before but we knew that we wanted to make the most out of this vacation.  We went down to the South of France for about five days and spent the last few days in Paris.  This trip was beyond amazing, I can't even begin to explain.  It was so relaxing and we relished every minute of it.  It was so wonderful to spend quality time with my husband before the baby comes.  I am so blessed to have him in my life and this experience with him has been amazing.

The first part of our trip took us to Nice, France.  This scenic coastal town was just what we needed.  The gorgeous water was so enticing and we were staying only a block away from the beach.  This isn't a sandy beach and only has pebbles so we rented chairs and umbrellas while we were there.  Just laying out there all day with a virgin pina colada were some of our best moments.  Everything was so peaceful and for those days there, we had no worries in the world.

During the day, I wore this off the shoulder dress from The Style Theory!  The Style Theory is this amazing online shop by my dear friend Lisa Rosado that only has some of the cutest pieces you will ever need.  Every item on her shop is carefully chosen which not only reflects her great sense of style but her impeccable way of knowing how to dress every woman!  This dress is now on sale as well!  This isn't even a maternity dress and it fits that well.  I was so comfortable and can't wait to discover more pieces from her site.  

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The Style Theory Astoria Queens

The Style Theory off the shoulder dress shop

Nice, France what to wear on the beach in Nice, France

off the shoulder dress beach outfit in Nice beaches
Dress:  The Style Theory, Sandals: Aerosoles, Sunglasses: Gucci
Gucci Sunglasses and off the shoulder dress

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Zara Shirt Dress

Zara shirt dress Furla bag

Dressing for my baby bump has been more fun than I expected.  I definitely wasn't sure about how easy or difficult it would be.  I know that I wanted to be comfortable and still fashionable.  This seasons loose pants and shirt dresses helped to make getting ready in the morning one less item to stress over.  This Zara shirt dress has been on heavy rotation since my first trimester.  I knew when I purchased this, I would be able to wear it throughout my pregnancy and afterwards as well.  Transitional pieces are key!  

I am usually carrying small purses or a backpack but pulled out my Furla purse that I've had for some time.  It's bigger but I figured I will be carrying a baby bag soon so I may as well get used to it!  I am definitely on the search for a cute baby bag so I am open to any suggestions, please!  Finished off this outfit with my Donni Charm necktie and open toe booties I picked up in Rome.  Let's see how much longer I will fit into this dress!!!

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Zara dress for summer red Furla bag

Maternity style pregnancy fashion

Maternity style pregnancy fashion

Zara fashion maternity fashion

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pink Stripes

Multi striped dress Le Tote dress

The weekend before last, we headed to Lancaster, PA, to celebrate my good friend's 40th birthday.  One of my friends from Miami moved there many years ago after getting married and having children so its nice to have close friends not too far away from me in New York.  Another bonus was seeing how many people came into town from Miami for the festivities.  We had a mini Miami reunion in Lancaster and I had the best time ever!  I love seeing old friends.  Its always as though no time has passed and we always pick up right where we left from.

Lancaster is beautiful, it is nice to see so much greenery where you are able to see for miles down a field.  The town is not complicated with high-rises sticking out at every corner and everyone is so friendly.  I was in a great mood heading over there and this dress complimented my mood.  The bright colors and fun stripe pattern matched my personality and kept my comfort level at an all time high.  This dress screams birthday party!  

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26 weeks pregnant style maternity style

Lancaster style maternity style

Pink multi striped dress Le Tote maternity style

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