Monday, August 7, 2017

Tote Savvy Baby Bag Insert

What to wear in the summer in New York

Summer and simple, that is my current motto.  With a little one now, making outfits easy and lightweight are important.  I want to being able to put together my outfit without standing in my closet for 30 minutes and feeling as though I have nothing to wear.  To solve this, white pants are my new staple since I am not quite fitting into my shorts anymore.  In these rising temps, a floral halter is the best accompaniment.  

I wore this outfit to a get together with my cousin and her friends.  I bought these black sandals at a local shoe store on Steinway and they are now my favorite shoes.  The block heels makes them easy to walk in and they go well with everything.  My next new staple is this large tote.  You will always find me with a tote now.  This enables me to carry all of my little ones essentials and a few toys, of course.  With my Tote Savvy insert, I am able to convert any of my bags to a diaper bag.  It has pockets and compartments to hold everything I need.  This way I am able to carry her items as well as mine in one bag.  They have a mini version for smaller bags as well, which I use in my carry-on when we travel.  This is my simple go to outfit and it works every time!

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Tote Savvy baby bag insert

Tote Savvy baby bag insert

Floral halter top for the summer in New York

Floral tops and totes for summer in New York

Floral tops and white pants what to wear in summer

summer outfits in New York

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Rooftop Sunday Funday

Summer faux wrap dress vueve rose rooftop party

Summertime in New York means it's time for rooftop celebrations.  One exceptionally hot weekend, I met my girlfriends on the rooftop of the Arlo hotel.  We basked in the sun while imbibing on copious amounts of champagne.  Sipping chilled Veuve Rose while catching views of the city with friends is a great summer past time.  With the temperatures rising, you want to make sure you also stay hydrated with water and wear clothes that are breathable and light.  That sun can easily get to you quickly especially when you are drinking.  Hats, sunglasses, and sunblock and important items you shouldn't leave home without.
This faux wrap dress from BCBGeneration has summer written all over it.  This sleeveless dress has a keyhole cutout in the back and side slits that make this fun and comfortable.  Little by little, I am getting rid of the baby weight and it is easy for me to feel self conscious in my clothes.  Fortunately, this dress complimented my new size and made me feel comfortable.  It's definitely a process to lose the weight after the baby.  For me, it is important to find clothes that work with the size I currently am and allow me to feel good!    
Thank you for reading,

summer dress for rooftop party
Summer in New York, rooftop party at Arlo Hotel

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Little Spoon - Baby Food Delivery Service

Little spoon organic baby food delivery service

Little Mama is at the age for solid foods and it has been fun making her food from scratch.  It hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be, I am able to come home and whip up a batch of pureed peas or sweet potato.  I just do this along with whatever I am cooking for dinner for me and my husband.  On the days when I am busy, he is usually able to make her pureed food for her instead.  But then there are those days, when we both get home and the last thing on our mind is making dinner.  That's when we end up ordering in, but you can't find baby food on any restaurants menu.  This is where Little Spoon comes in to save the day!  This baby food delivery service relieve us from the stress of making sure baby Chloé is fed and fed healthy.    

Little Spoon is a new baby food delivery service that delivers freshly made food to customers on a bi-weekly basis.  Making sure that you are feeding your baby healthy food can be difficult unless you are making it yourself constantly.  Knowing that there is an option to help make life easier for this working mom has been instrumental.  Little Spoon uses fresh foods and a technique called high-pressure processing to lock in the nutrients without having to use additives or preservatives.  This is a better alternative that those jarred baby foods you find in the grocery store that have been there sometimes longer than the age of your baby.  

Little Spoon sends different flavors specific to your baby and they make great combinations as well.  Chloé enjoyed each option that we gave her.  Attached to each container is a small spoon that was actually easier to feed her with than the baby spoons I purchased.  Luckily, she was pleasantly pleased with these and I was very happy with having this as an option for a healthy baby food option.  This delivery service is a great idea and perfect for those who want to know exactly what they are feeding their baby.  My husband and I greatly recommend this delivery service!

Thank you for reading,


Little spoon organic baby food delivery service

Little spoon organic baby food delivery service

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

7 Charming Sisters - Chandelier Earrings

Prettiest Street in Astoria sunday brunch

7 Charming Sisters chandelier earrings

Statement earrings are everywhere this summer! You can find tassel earrings, drop pompoms to elegant chandelier earrings. I am usually wearing smaller earrings but have taken to this trend, surprisingly. They are extremely fun and pair well with another trend this season, the off the shoulder look. One way to dress up an off the shoulder dress would be to add these chandelier earrings from 7 Charming Sisters. These vintage crystal earrings jazz up my dress.  It takes this dress from brunch party to nighttime cocktails. These are extravagant and gorgeous and everyone will think you paid an outrageous price. They are absolutely beautiful at an incredible price.

In addition to adding charm to an off the shoulder dress, these can easily be worn with a top and jeans or a little black dress.  Versatile and stunning, you can spruce up any summer outfit with these chic and affordable earrings from 7 Charming Sisters.

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Prettiest Street in Astoria

Sunday brunch in off the shoulder dress Trina Turk

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Monday, July 17, 2017



This past June was a busy one for me and I've been a bit behind with my posting but finally catching up.  I still have more to fill you in about our vacation in Cancun.  We enjoyed the sun, the sand, and the time spent with friends.   We went down for a wedding and stayed at the resort where the wedding was being held.  It was nice to not have to worry about heading out for dinner and instead having everything right there on the premises.  We stayed at Finest Playa Mujeres and the rooms were spectacular.  Each room is a suite with a couch, Jacuzzi and large patio with daybeds.  It was an all inclusive resort so there was also a fully stacked fridge with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  You really didn't need to leave the room especially since there was 24 hour room service but you definitely wanted to enjoy the various restaurants they had on site.  We dined at a steak restaurant one night and had traditional Mexican cuisine the next.  The service was fantastic and wished we could have stayed longer.  

The second day we were there, we spent all day on the beach.  The sun was shining and the breeze kept us cool.  The sand is soft and the water was various shades of blue.  When we weren't on the sand, we enjoyed the pool that was right in front of our room.  There were so many pools that you never felt crowded.  In addition, there is a children play area that includes a separate water feature with slides.  There were bars spread throughout and juice bars as well where we enjoyed fresh coconut water.    This was little Chloé's first international trip and she loved being out in the sunshine.  She is definitely a beach baby.  She also enjoyed the slides and the children's water area.  Since we took her down to Miami, we have gotten better already with traveling with a baby.  My post on traveling with a baby is coming soon.

The last day we were there, we spent it at the pool and then headed off to the wedding.  The venue was beautiful and was more than I would have ever expected at a destination wedding.  It was enchanting.  Our time in Cancun was so enjoyable and relaxing, I highly recommend a vacation there even with small children.

Spent most of my time in light tops and shorts.  My tote bag doubled as a beach bag and baby bag, utilizing Tote Savvy inserts.  Sunbluck, shades and these cute blue espadrilles were my mainstay the entire time.

Thank you for reading,


Finest Playa Mujeres Cancun vacation with baby

Off the shoulder tops for vacation in cancun

family Vacation in Finest Playa mujeres in Cancun Mexico

Tote Savvy insert to make tote bag baby bag

Tote savvy diaper bag to travel with baby

Family vacation in Finest Playa Mujeres Cancun Mexico

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

7 Charming Sisters - Conquer the World Necklace

yellow lace dress summer wedding attire

Last week my family headed to Cancun for a friend's wedding.  The weather was perfect, the venue was stunning, and the couple was beyond happy.  It was such a beautiful scene for a lovely event.  I hadn't been to a beach wedding in a very long time so definitely needed to find something to wear.  Since it was going to be in sunny Cancun, I wanted to wear something light to stay cool in the heat.  I wanted the dress to be simple yet formal, something bold yet demure.  I came across this yellow dress and knew I had the perfect necklace to make this outfit complete.  

I love wearing yellow and gold is the best compliment to it.  This floral lace overlay dress is soft and feminine.  his statement necklace from 7 Charming Sisters took this dress to the next level.  I love to accessorize and have fun with my jewelry and this necklace does not disappoint.  First of all, the name of this is "Conquer the World" necklace.  How can you not feel amazing wearing this, which I did.  The addition of this crystal, drop collar necklace took this dress from a pretty, beach wedding dress to a stunning, formal beach wedding attire!

The quality and feel of this necklace is superb and by looking at it, one would think that I paid an arm and a leg for it.  Luckily, 7 Charming Sisters knows that women want to be able to enjoy stylish, fashionable pieces at affordable prices.  This gorgeous necklace is only $47!  When I look good, I feel good and this necklace makes me feel good in so many ways.  First, its high quality and stunning and secondly, I didn't pay an enormous price tag for it.  Affordable fashion is important to me and with having a little one now, I am even more inclined to be budget savvy.  I'm a mom who wants to enjoy traveling and look good while saving money!  You can too, with promo code, 'Asto20', enjoy 20% off your purchase of regular priced merchandise on the 7 Charming Sisters site.  If you are looking for that piece to jazz up that special dress you plan on wearing this summer, you will, without a doubt, find what you are looking for on their site.  Their selection is eclectic and pleasing to everyone's style.  Hope you find that perfect piece!

Thank you for reading,


yellow lace dress summer lace dress

what to wear to a beach wedding

yellow lace dress for a beach wedding in cancun

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Make Me Chic - Blue Floral Dress

floral print maxi dress in playa mujeres cancun

Considering my love for maxi dresses, it's not surprise that I had to get one with a floral print.  This blue floral maxi dress from Make Me Chic is exactly that...chic.  I received this from Make Me Chic and it fits perfectly.  I have been completely won over by this site.  Each piece from there has been well made and has a great fit.  The deep blue of this dress was just what I was looking for to wear on my beach vacation in Cancun.  We recently went for a wedding and stayed at Finest Playa Mujeres where dinners are a dressed up affair.

I wore this dress for a dinner of Mexican cuisine at our resort and later in the evening at their rooftop bar.  It is a very sophisticated, yet playful dress that can be dressed up or worn casual.  This was made very well and the fabric is substantial but light enough for the sunny location.  I was very happy with this dress.  You can find so many great dresses on their site in addition to maxi dresses.  I especially like maxi dresses because I like to think they make me look taller :)  I had my large brimmed hat for those sunny hours and wore blue espadrilles to match.  I had such a great time on this trip and having a new dress to wear on vacation is always a plus.  I will share more about Cancun soon!

Thank you for reading,


Floral print maxi dress Make Me Chic

Finest Playa Mujeres Cancun Mexico

Floral maxi dress Make Me chic

Vacation in Cancun Mexico, Finest playa mujeres
Floral Maxi: Make Me Chic

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Astoria Finds: Astoria Performing Arts Center

One of the great aspects of the City of New York is the amount of culture and arts that are available here.  You can see a different Broadway show every day of the week.  Fortunately, you don't have to go all the way to Manhattan to enjoy the arts.  Right here in Astoria, the Astoria Performing Arts Center is bringing amazing works of arts and talent to our local neighborhood.  Their mission is to bring high quality theater to Astoria, Queens and support local youth and senior citizens.  They produce premieres and revivals of plays and musicals and also develops new works through workshops and readings.  

I had the privilege of attending the revival of Raisin, the musical adaptation of Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun.  The original won the 1974 Tony for Best Musical and won a Grammy for Best Score.  APAC's production is the first reproduction since its initial run on Broadway.  The cast is incredible and makes this reproduction a treat to the eyes and ears.  This show was tremendous and the most moving performance I have ever seen.  This performance was compelling and had me spellbound from the first moment it began.  I highly recommend seeing this before it is over.  This will be on only for one more week and everyone should definitely make this a priority.  I am so thankful that the Astoria Performing Arts Center is bringing such quality and talent to our neighborhood.  Click here to find tickets!

Raisin in the Sun APAC
Seated: Ebony Williams-Oliver (Lena Younger), Standing: Chinua B. Payne (Travis Younger) and Brandi Knox (Ruth Younger)

Raisin in the Sun Lorraine Hansberry
L-R: Ebony Marshall-Oliver (Lena Younger), Sarita Amani Nash (Beneatha Younger), Brandi Knox (Ruth Younger) and Warren Nolan Jr. (Walter Lee Younger)

Monday, May 1, 2017

SheIn - Polka Dot Maxi Dress

polka dot maxi dress Shein online retailer

Even though I am petite, I love to wear maxi dresses.  They are so comfortable and make me feel so elegant.  I also like that they elongate my body.  The off the shoulder trend is still here and makes this dress perfect for spring.  I received this polka dot maxi dress is from SheIn, on online retailer that sells affordable trendy clothing.  This is my second piece from that site and I am very happy with it.  Many people may find it hard to shop from sites that do not have a physical store but I have had positive experiences with them and have highlighted four reasons to shop at SheIn below. 
  • Affordable:  SheIn offers trendy pieces at great prices.  I believe it is important to invest in staples but if you want to wear a trend that may go out of style as quickly as it came in, it makes more sense to be economical about it.  Here you are able to try different trends without breaking the bank.
  • Free Shipping:  Shipping costs can add up and you end up paying more than expected for one piece of clothing.  SheIn offers free shipping and returns with no minimum amount and free express shipping for orders over $99.
  • On-Trend:  You can find every current trend on this site.  They cater to the young fashionable woman who wants to stay on top of the latest trends. 
  • Product:  For the low prices you pay, one might expect the quality to be poor but in my experience, each piece has been well made and fit perfectly.   The sizing dimensions are listed and you get a well made product in the mail.  
Lastly, I would recommend purchasing from this site.  I am very happy with this maxi dress and can't wait to wear it more often this spring.  This will be my go to maxi dress!

Thank you for reading,


Maxi dresses for spring Shein maxi dress

polka dot dress shein maxi dresses

maxi dresses for spring, off the shoulder maxi dress

off the shoulder trend She in maxi dress

Friday, April 21, 2017

Burgundy Leather Jacket

how to style a burgundy leather jacket

You can never have enough leather jackets!  They are trendy and stylish and always make your outfit look that much better.  I bought this leather jacket while I was in Miami at Marciano and you won't believe how much I paid for it.  This was a $400 jacket reduced to $120!!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes it so I had to grab it.  Luckily for me, barely anyone purchases cold weather clothing in Miami which makes it end up on the sales rack for me to find.  This was such a treasure, I am so lucky to have found it at such an amazing price.

I was so happy to find this burgundy jacket that I went a little matchy matchy crazy with my outfit, but hey, why not.  Fashion is all about fun and following your own rules.  I paired it with my burgundy booties from JustFab as well as my new purse.  I'm still wearing mainly leggings since I don't quite fit into all my jeans as yet after the baby but these 7 FAM zippered leggings have a jeans style to them with a button and zipper closure.  Also, I have been simplifying my jewelry and chose to add a little sparkly with my Amrita Singh starfish pendant.  This outfit was simple and easy to put together and anyone can do the same with the items in their closet.  A light sweater, leggings, booties, and just through on your leather jacket and you are ready for the weekend.

Thank you for reading,


Marciano leather jackets

Amrita Singh jewelry starfish

Amrita Singh jewelry starfish

how to style a leather jacket

how to style burgundy booties

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bon Vivant New York - Spring and Sweets!

Over the knee Boots Stuart Weitzman

Spring has sprung and Easter was this past weekend.  We had the second highest temperature recorded for Easter in New York and it was beautiful.  This is the time to pull out your floral attire and wear your spring colors while spending time with family.  In addition, it is time to indulge in sweets and the café, Bon Vivant, has the best kinds to partake in.  Bon Vivant is the most adorable spot you will find in Midtown Manhattan, located at 238 East 58th Street.  Once you walk in, you are transported to a Parisian style cafe with the most delectable treats.  They specialize in petite fours and petite cakes.  The petite fours are bite sized cakes that are perfectly composed and the petite cakes are portioned for a single dessert serving.  The petite cakes are a larger version which offer a greater cake to fondant ratio allowing you to savor more of the great flavor.  Their flavors vary from zesty lemon, rose petal, and coffee cream, just to name a few.  They are rich in flavor and so beautifully decorated.  It is clear that a lot of effort and love is put into making and decorating each of their desserts.  These luxurious treats are great with a cup of coffee or tea or packaged for a gift to someone special.  Anyone would be happy to receive a box of these delicately adorned sweets.  They are the cutest edible gifts and are perfect for parties and celebrations.  I would highly recommend going to the cafe and indulging in a petite four paired with their Austrian coffee, listening to gentle music as you relax inside this well lit and charming cafe and take in all the charm Bon Vivant has to offer.      

I spent a beautiful spring day at Bon Vivant and my outift called for light pastel colors to match my pretty desserts.  This dress from Noir is light and airy and left enough room for me to fill my belly with this cafes scrumptious cakes.  My grey boots are always a great addition to any outfit and to keep the color scheme, I paired my Chloe mini Drew purse with it.  Simple accessories are what I am all about at the moment.  I have two bangles on rotation right now as well as one of my favorite rings.  This outfit is comfortable and perfect for a day of coffee and confections!  

Thank you for reading,


Best desserts in New york city, chloe mini drew purse

French bakery in New york city petite fours

Easter outfits in New york city floral print dress

Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots

Printed floral dress for spring, how to dress for spring in new york

Chloe mini Drew purse, pink purse, easter outfit

Cafe in Midtown Manhattan New York

Dessert shop in midtown manhattan, petite fours

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